Innovative mechanical isobaric filling valves

Innovative mechanical isobaric filling valves

These filling valves represent the most innovative aspect of ALFATEK isobaric fillers.
The particular technical characteristics are highlighted by some important aspects:

· opening is directly controlled by the bottle rising, through the pressure between the mouth-press and the end of the neck, avoiding the use of exclusion mechanisms that intervene in the absence of the bottle itself, and also allowing use of the entire potential filling phase;

· closure, self-levelling and degassing are controlled by a single rotating system, devoid of slides subject to wear that require frequent adjustments;

· elimination of all timing adjustments, even in the event of complete disassembly of the valve, to simplify maintenance operations;

· elimination of the height adjustment of the control support rims, normally found in mobile head machines, with consequent reduction in the time required for format change;

· self-levelling circuit sanitisation and sterilisation is carried out simultaneously on all the valves with the machine stopped.

The ALFATEK isobaric valve is covered by an international patent.

Innovative mechanical isobaric filling valves