16/20/3 Monobloc Screw DLP - Dense Liqueurs Low Pressure

16/20/3 Monobloc Screw DLP - Dense Liqueurs Low Pressure

The Alfatek Monobloc is a modern workstation, designed to ensure the user significant functional and production advantages:

  • Extremely limited space requirement
  • Optimized synchronization between work phases by large diameter gears
  • Compact positioning of the translation stars, which facilitates format change operations and ensures correct transport even in the presence of unstably shaped containers
  • Extreme ease of system installation, maneuverability, control and maintenance.

The Monoblocs of the DLP Dense Liqueurs Low Pressure series with Antiox Deox System® adopt the Antiox Deox System® patented process technology with low pressure inert gas, designed for bottling high quality spirits. 

Applied to the delicate phase of the filling pass, it ensures an adequate protection of the product, preventing the introduction of oxygen and preserving the fragrances of spirits intact.

the Deox® technology acts inside the filling tank; through a multi-head rotary turret positioned before the filler, it performs the function of pre-evacuation of the air from the bottle and simultaneous injection of low pressure inert gas.

The Monobloc can be fitted with a Nitroantiox/Alfatek nitrogen generator, with selective membrane technology, which guarantees production up to 25 m3/h.

The monoblocs are equipped with automatic CIP washing for complete sanitization in the absence of false bottles. An innovative electro-pneumatic system ensures the capillary passage of the sanitizing solution and of the steam in each conduit that comes into contact with the product, preventing any kind of microbiological contamination.

The Monobloc consists of:

  • 16-clamp bottle rinser
  • 20-24-valve DLP - Dense Liqueurs Low Pressure filler
  • 3-4-head capping machine for screw/pressure anti topping-up cap

Production from 4,000 to 6,000 1l bph

16/20/3 Monobloc Screw DLP - Dense Liqueurs Low Pressure